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Listing Your House In Southern Maryland?

We Do MORE To Sell Your House...

In 2017 it takes more than a Realtor sign and photos taken from a cell phone to sell your home for top dollar!


Viral Social Media Marketing (Way Beyond The MLS)

Professional Photographer

Aerial Photos & Video

Re/Max One #1 Brokerage In Calvert (2016-2017)

Thorough Consultation On How To Prepare our Home

In-Depth Video Market Analysis (Understand The Market)

Live Walk Through Video

Large Realtor Sign With Post

Professionally Designed Brochures 

Weekly Market Reports

Special Sauce shhhhhh.....


Simply our goal is to sell your house faster and for more money. To accomplish this we created a comprehensive system to present your listing in front of more potential buyers and make it look its absolute best!.

Starting with a professional photographer and ending with targeted ads on social media and everything in between we offer the most comprehensive marketing solution around. Scroll down and see how we do MORE to sell your house.

We believe in working as partners with our clients understanding this is a team effort. We can't sell a house that's not ready for top dollar and you can't sell your house for top dollar without a great agent working on your behalf. 

People decide to look at houses based on what they need, what they can afford and then buy houses based how they feel. It's our job to appeal to all 5 senses starting with the eyes and creating a visual masterpiece. Professional photos edited for maximum appeal, aerial photos and video, staging, all come together to make the online presentation the absolute best. 

Facebook, YouTube, Zillow, Realtor.com, Our Website, online advertisements, classified ads etc. Our goal is to put your home in front of more potential buyers and make it look amazing and create a flurry of activity. Then it's up to you...

When they walk in it's your job to have the lights on, house warm/cool, music.... secret sauce, secret sauce, etc. you get the idea. It's all about maximizing the opportunities we have and then when we get an offer we negotiate for top dollar. 

See our past and current listings and see for yourself what a difference great photos, stand out descriptions, excessive marketing, and hard work produces. Lots of houses that quickly and for more money...

Our success is the result of working closely with our sellers to get their house ready to sell. We push our sellers to make the small changes necessary to sell their house in today's market and the results speak for themselves. 

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The Million Dollar Marketing Plan
"For Any Size Listing!"